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Quantum Poetry Institute


Summer 2024 reading/skimming list

The Web Of Life Imperative by Michael J. Cohen

Spring 2024 reading/skimming list

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin
Symbiotic Planet by Lynn Margulis
Mutual Causality in Buddhism and General Systems Theory by Joanna Macy
Dream Dictionary by Tony Crisp


[excerpt from EDGU Meditation with Andrea]:

As we open the heart center

We invite in the light

Carving a lateral figure eight

Always following the course of the hands with the eyes

Carving the sun mobius



Carving the moon mobius

And from carving the moon mobius

We go into

Carrying plates

And now having looked outside and seen this gorgeous day

We begin to unlock the doors

With a slight twist of the wrist

and as we make our way we realize that there's a current

guiding us

exactly where we need to go

and so we pause

and toss away the paddles


as we release


releasing and letting go

trusting that that current is guiding us

exactly where we need to go just in this moment

we release the need for control

as we do we bring our awareness into the present moment

as the pendulum ticks and tocks

as the pendulum says welcome

welcome to the here and now

welcome to the only moment that ever exists


and as we breathe our way more fully into this present moment

we become aware of things we've been carrying with us in our canoes that we no longer need

and so with both hands to one side of the body

we reach in and unload

unloading anything that we no longer need

letting go of any angers

any resentments

any criticisms or judgments of self or others

any lack of self worth

any feeling of time pressure money pressure

any imbalances in health

whatever it may be for you


breathing it out

and as we release we make room now to draw in

reversing only the fingers

as we draw in

drawing in

drawing in that which you want

that which you need

and that which you so richly deserve

drawing in abundance in all its many and varied forms

drawing in perfect vibrant radiant health

a sense of peace compassion and unconditional love for self and others

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