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Angels 4 Carrots is an art/music/poetry project by TBC and collaborators. it is offered in the spirit of community and friendship.



Angels 4 Carrots - "What Is This" August 2023


***** SHELTER MUSIC (supergroup & collective) August 2023 garden residencies:*****

SHELTER MUSIC quilcene, washington peninsula residency with FOUNTAINSUN (Japan) (flyer by travis)




happy belated solstice

the sun is so long in olympia right now


was just driving through northern canada for a week

marshall macluhan so dope still

"the human brain is reorganized"

sacred geometry etc

No Neck Blues band!! so inspiring

Thank you Max Nordile for the deep dive

No Neck Blues band: great article / interview that was so inspiring about No Neck Blues Band

No Neck Blues band: Primitive Internet Representation of No Neck Blues Band fuck deep desktop level shit


springtime is so beautiful right now

[Image of the Snake River, above] communications welcome: angels 4 carrots at gmail dot com


*i am working on an Angels 4 Carrots set that i'll be performing live at the Debt Rag LP release/tour show in olympia at the voyeur
*getting into some deep low tones with the juno 6 type shit, stereo into big 2x15 amps (ampeg)
*a little captain beefheart instrumental interlude w/ accompanying carrots poem
*the shelter music project did a sound-smudge at anton's art studio in the art annex, a beautiful 70s brutalist bulding in the forest, at the evergreen state college, we jammed 8pm - 1am
*it was so beautiful and expansive and i am glowing from this connectivity

*i published a mix: For Driving Up The Coast or Through the Cascades by Angels4Carrots


-Good Morning!!
-The Mystic 100's is a beautiful art collective that I have dipped in and participated w/ for some years now
-There will be a new Mystic 100's 2xLP released in a few days called 'On A Micro Diet.'
-I'm blessed to share in its healing waters
-infomercial I filmed :)


Non-conformed Thoughts:
-life is change
-get comfy
-FEBRUARY 2023 epic cross-pollinations in desert and west coast road trippin'
-Inherent Sound Shelter Map: Silent Shelter Sound
-Angels 4 Carrots: "Energetic Sovereignty" SOON
-Mystic 100's ...????????
-NOW ZONING: Source Direct, Amps For Christ, Elliott Smith, Vito Ricci, Moth Cock, Cate Kennan, Christoph De Babalon


FROG BONE by Angels 4 Carrots:

circular poems carved in a rock below a windswept coastal bog in 10,000 years.

consciousness emerging through cracks of stone, satellites falling from the sky,

bugs composting the wires, listen, i don't make this stuff up! it's just happening...

inspired by improvising with friends in the woods, eco animist arts, In A Silent Way,

fifth world on NTS, walking meditations, Bjork, Karma Moffett, Ron Trent, taprooting ...

copyrighted by the molten loving core of our Mother Earth
cassette for Yard Sale For World Peace 2022: HERE
Anton plays flute on track 2
Field Recording of 'Free Jazz With Fred' DJ'ing Hank Mobley on track 6
Nancy does Mind Body Spirit meditation on track 8


get lost .........

angels 4 carrots + frog bone

by Angels 4 Carrots:

rough draft of tracklist:

1. Frog Intro
2. Windswept Wetland Morph After Civ
3. No Roads
4. Crystal Rain
5. Silent Snow Sky Stone
6. Driving up 4th Ave After Work Listening to Free Jazz w/ Fred
7. Sacred Creek then Walking
8. Frog Bone
9. Earthsong to Inner Heart

almost done with this project :)

our mother the earth


free sound shelter system tape

Free Sound Shelter System - "Live On The Oregon Coast" 2021
Recorded live at Tillicum Beach on September 11-12, 2021

Field recordings found at Tillicum Beach, Alder Dunes, and Yachats
State Park

Free Sound Shelter System has spent the last year in residence in the
forest outside of Olympia, WA. Hijacking the power source of a small
picnic shelter, Free Sound Shelter System sits in as collaborators with
the existing soundscape, engaging in experimental improvisations
exploring love of sound and the living world. Weekly two hour aural
meditations are followed by an extended period of discussion
surrounding personal/collective experience, observations of nature,
and the felt experience of interrelationship between the two.
Live on the Oregon Coast is a document of playing for love and joy,
recorded on the beach as a free form improvisation with the Pacific

All profits will be donated to EGYHOP, an all volunteer-run
organization that provides emergency supplies, services, and
resources to unhoused and street dependent people in Olympia,

YARD SALE FOR WORLD PEACE bandcamp hear: https://ysfwp.bandcamp.com/

free sound shelter system live at tillicum beach

free sound shelter system



november 20 flyer

"the free sound shelter system" = Mother Earth-focused community sound project and conversation circle
participating in larger, community sound project and conversation circle

free sound shelter system

a portal of possibility

ANGELS 4 CARROTS Devotional T Shirt

this shirt is inspired by my work on a new compilation of healing music and tangible spirit energy called 'Frog Bone'.
Frog Bone will be published on CD, cassette, and the internet whenever it is ready. it is the most anarchic earth-based light-focused music i have ever worked on!

The devotional shirt and Frog Bone Album have been partly inspired by weekly gatherings of multi-instrumental jams with
"Ecstatic Shelter Melding Group" aka "Forest Harmony Structure Jam" in Priest Point Park, 2020-present. It was also inspired
recent encounters with existential healing ideas. The devotional t shirt and Frog Bone Album relate to my current journey of heart-spelunking and somatic awareness pathbuilding.

100% of proceeds of this shirt go to:
the Emma Goldman Youth and Homeless Outreach Project (egyhop)
in so-called olympia: https://oly-wa.us/egyhop/About.php

This is the first project i have done via
the collective mutual aid multi-system
It was screen printed by KJR

gratitude for life ... Let's Live NOW

to access a t shirt, follow this link: https://yardsaleforworldpeace.bigcartel.com/
thanks steve + schanen for modeling services


Cherry Coloured Funk - Otherness Version

Nâ Hawa Doumbia VOL. 1 (1981)

Terry Riley - Shri Camel - Holland Festival 1977

Cyberplasm - Live at Le Voyeur

Free Jazz With Fred - on KAOS 89.3 OLYMPIA
on monday nights i love Free Jazz with Fred. it's on KAOS radio, olympia's OG Kush freaky fried radio station broadcasting from The Evergreen STate College. the station's great, it's always hit or miss, sometimes downright terrible but it's all part of it. sometimes you turn on KAOS and they're playing First Voices Radio, which is indigenous news and views, pretty awesome, sometimes you turn on KAOS and they're playing the Melvins, sometimes it's some local folk band from 2002. well, sometimes it's monday night from 8pm to 11pm, and that's the best part cuz it's FREE JAZZ WITH FRED. what an amazing dj and an amazing show. special themes sometimes, sometimes fred hops on and gives a local anecdote about seeing anthony braxton up in seattle back in the day, sometimes he's delving into chick corea's discography, it's always great. you can listen to archived shows at the link above, or stream live on mondays from KAOS.org . some of my favorite drives around olympia in the volvo have been blasting Free Jazz with Fred. I think alex and abby introduced me to the show. we used to bbq on monday nights sometimes. best show on the airwaves.
West Coast Fog - A Sea Of Sound Surrounds You
West Coast Fog mixes!! my favorite right now. always pulling out new age music cd's and tapes from vancouver island, Newport Oregon, Death Valley, Colorado, lovely western vibes..so drippy. i like that on each show the host goes on a cross country ski ride in the mountains, or a hike, or goes swimming or is exploring some islands on a paddleboard, just kind of curating the show to the adventure. this one show hit pretty hard on my walk through some woods near my house last week. the butterfly track is my favorite. my friend anton introduced me to this program. blessings. ENERGY!
Ornette Coleman - Free Jazz (Live 1978)
i've been free-jamming in priest point park every week the last year with a group of comrades, people on saxophone, clarinet, synthetizer, guitar, keyboards, sitar, other weird instruments etc. we've maintained a pretty healthy distance from trying to achieve anything specific, in terms of coordinating the music compositionally, or in terms of publicly promoting it as an entity in the marketplace. one guiding light in this realm has been ornette coleman, totally open, exploring seriously but in a canal of freedom. the cacophony of ornette coleman's freer music really feels conversational between its members, but also in a modality of total expansion, collaborating with the universe, expanding outward. being in the flow of what wants to happen.

i've been into jazz for a couple decades now since junior high jazz band HA!, the coltranes, thelonious monk, miles davis etc. and the whole history of jazz is an incredible journey to delve into, that is also so political and inspiring. I feel like though, I haven't been ready for ornette coleman until recently. 'the shape of jazz to come', wait what? this album is incredible. anyways, ornette is just on another level, in terms of experimenting with polyphony, switching between different keys in the middle of sax runs, just so virtuosic at a kind of philosophical level more than even musical talent is concerned. and for me that's just where it's at, how can i stay away?

according to this book i read about him, he was pretty derided in his time, had beefs with a lot of New York hard bop people, though apparently leonard bernstein called him a genius and was one of the people trying to catch ornette's earlier shows in harlem. sounds contentious. i think people in the scene were jealous that he was down to get so far out and sound bad. also he was from dallas, so definite outsider. majorly relate!
holly herndon - car
i first met holly herndon in NY back in 2012, and her show was really above my head, she was playing really sparse heavy tones that were sweeping through a four way stereo system (two speakers in front R and L, two speakers in back, R and L.) totally immersive. coming from the wolf eyes / black dice experience of heavy electronic noise that was really visceral and punk in approach, i felt kind of less engaged with the movement toward everybody working with computers to make electronic music live, it just kind of felt less out-of-control than i wanted to experience music back then. but for some reason I just kind of kept following holly's music throughout the years and her approach is so special. this one is called CAR and i listened to it for the first time while doing the dishes. it's so heavy!


100 friends

battery powered amps

at the park

jam and coexist

say, who's out of tune anyway?

gratitude for life! let's live now

north cascade mountain aerial


[excerpt from EDGU Meditation with Andrea, featured on forthcoming FROG BONE LP angels 4 carrots coming soon]:

As we open the heart center

We invite in the light

Carving a lateral figure eight

Always following the course of the hands with the eyes

Carving the sun mobius



Carving the moon mobius

And from carving the moon mobius

We go into

Carrying plates

And now having looked outside and seen this gorgeous day

We begin to unlock the doors

With a slight twist of the wrist

and as we make our way we realize that there's a current

guiding us

exactly where we need to go

and so we pause

and toss away the paddles


as we release


releasing and letting go

trusting that that current is guiding us

exactly where we need to go just in this moment

we release the need for control

as we do we bring our awareness into the present moment

as the pendulum ticks and tocks

as the pendulum says welcome

welcome to the here and now

welcome to the only moment that ever exists


and as we breathe our way more fully into this present moment

we become aware of things we've been carrying with us in our canoes that we no longer need

and so with both hands to one side of the body

we reach in and unload

unloading anything that we no longer need

letting go of any angers

any resentments

any criticisms or judgments of self or others

any lack of self worth

any feeling of time pressure money pressure

any imbalances in health

whatever it may be for you


breathing it out

and as we release we make room now to draw in

reversing only the fingers

as we draw in

drawing in

drawing in that which you want

that which you need

and that which you so richly deserve

drawing in abundance in all its many and varied forms

drawing in perfect vibrant radiant health

a sense of peace compassion and unconditional love for self and others

Angels 4 Carrots at gmail dot com
1005 Pioneer Ave NE