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Raspberry Ops by ANGELS 4 CARROTS
Raspberry Ops (Quantum Poetry Institute, LLC)

"No Name" by Raspberry Ops. Unmastered: Raspberry's Greatest Hits. I Make Up Stuff. Featuring Naomi Punk

April 5, 2024

In My Goat Garden by ANGELS 4 CARROTS
In My Goat Garden (Alchemy Of Chaos)

Recorded Live in Olympia Washington in December 2023 by TBC in devotion mode

December 12, 2023

Energetic Sovereignty by ANGELS 4 CARROTS
Energetic Sovereignty (limited CD) (Alchemy Of Chaos)

A poetry album about energetic sovereignty, sound + time = radical architecture, releasing energy that does not belong to you, (body scan awareness), ceremonial experiments to re-animate yourself with your local ecology (relating to your street, nearby trees, bugs, or anything else you touch with your body), sovereignty of one's energy field, sovereignty of one's information field, intuitive composition as a portal to connectivity with the web of life, face chaos + birth stars

In December of 2022, I was wrapping up my stay at a hot springs retreat in the mountains in Oregon, and was about to head out, when I saw this phrase Energetic Sovereignty written in red marker on an activities whiteboard in the lodge. I did not know its meaning, but I became transfixed by the phrase, and the psychic forcefield that it communicated to me. I felt an incoherent but undeniable call to work with it and to bring it forward in some way.

I developed some potential meanings & plotlines using fiction, intuitive strategies, meditation, and philosophizing, using the Juno 6 synthesizer, classical guitar, electric guitar, and field recordings of spiritual experiments which I conducted to communicate with it and about it. This album is an archive of this period of philosophical and spiritual research. Limited quantities of these research findings are available on CD. Gratitude

October 20, 2023

Tectonic Negotiation by ANGELS 4 CARROTS
Tectonic Negotiation (single) (DEEPLY FELT MUSIC RECORDS)

playing with energy dust, italian road trip diary episode, napoli is so bellisimo, random music from the hard drive

Summer 2023

Meditating In Texas by ANGELS 4 CARROTS
Meditating In Texas (single) (ALCHEMY OF CHAOS) Spring 2023

Mix For Driving Up The Coast or Through the Cascades by ANGELS 4 CARROTS
Mix For Driving Up The Coast or Through the Cascades (ALCHEMY OF CHAOS)

this is a mix I made for driving to Breitenbush Hot Springs in December 2022. I finished up side B for driving up the west coast in February 2023. weaving organic expressions of now. journey music / thinking music / love music / flow music / meditation music / free music. john coltrane, capt' beef, hiroshi yoshimura, kraftwerk demos, contain feat olivia kan sperling, neu, feminine complex, bobby hutcherson, henry flynt, shelter music, vito ricci, hype williams, terry allen, cate kennan, don cherry, amps for christ, the dead, rhythm & sound, purelink, etc

Spring 2023


circular poems carved in a rock below a windswept coastal bog in 10,000 years. consciousness emerging through cracks of stone, satellites falling from the sky, bugs composting the wires, listen, i don't make this stuff up! it's just happening...copyrighted by the molten loving core of our Mother Earth. all proceeds dedicated to the Emma Goldman Youth and Homeless Outreach Project

April 2022

Prayer 4 Earth by ANGELS 4 CARROTS
Prayer 4 Earth (DEEPLY FELT MUSIC RECORDS) September 2021

Spring Carrots by ANGELS 4 CARROTS
Spring Carrots (ALCHEMY OF CHAOS)

Pavement Is Forever Music For Rocks Tonal Tuned Peaceful Pipings 4 Patient Times For Planting, Walking, Anti-Herbicidal Pot-O-Gold Dust Dripping + Frying Body Scan Awareness Grooving * Ocean on track 2 recorded by A4C in Oregon

May 2020

Tripping In The Flowers by ANGELS 4 CARROTS
Tripping In The Flowers (ALCHEMY OF CHAOS) April 2020

Untitled by ANGELS 4 CARROTS
Untitled (Meta Soft I Am Sky) (ALCHEMY OF CHAOS) January 2020

The Flood (ALCHEMY OF CHAOS) January 2020

The Entity by ANGELS 4 CARROTS
The Entity (ALCHEMY OF CHAOS) January 2020

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